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Hardmetal Solutions is your source for carbide and hard metal wear parts.

We specialize in providing our customers not only with a wide range of carbide parts and components, but also exceptional customer service. All of our customers are considered valuable and can expect to be treated as such. Above all, our owners are determined to ensure that you will receive the very best, so focus is given in every detail and daily involvement with operations. 


Hardmetal Solutions offers sub-micron tungsten carbide components for superior wear and abrasion resistance as well as nickel binder grades for corrosion resistance. Since not all applications are the same, we supply metal coatings that include boron diffusion, ion-nitriding, and nickel boron coatings for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Because you need durable parts that last, we also offer diamond coatings for the ultimate wear solution.

Carbide and Hard Metal Parts and Components

We've had the opportunity to provide carbide and hard metal parts and components to a wide variety industries and applications. Browse a sampling of our past projects to see what relates to your field. Don't worry, if you don't see the part you need, we can still most likely meet your needs. Just give us a call or contact us with what you need.